Arad and Eileen Carpio Creative Commons Summit 2020

ARAD: Dierenhotel

I was luck to be asked to play the Creative Commons Summit 2020 Closing Ceremony Virtual Concert and so I created this one off piece Dieren hotel with Vocalist Eileen Carpio.

Dierenhotel is an audiovisual presentation Commissioned by The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision’s RE:VIVE initiative, using CC BY-SA 4.0 field recordings from the institute’s archive. It will combine both animated face tracking masks accompanying processed archive images and improvised audio performance. The work was inspired by one particular audio file “Schiphol algemene sfeer van een dierenhotel” which contains bird and animal recordings. The relationship between these Birds and the mechanical Birds which flew them to destinations around the world became the central theme for the piece. The performance makes use of openly licensed video material from Sound and Vision’s archive and the National Archive of The Netherlands open photo collection. 

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